Frequently Asked Questions:


Will my signs have transparent © watermarks like those shown on the website? 

No, your final printed signs will have no watermarks. We use transparent watermarks as a security measure for protecting our online imagery.

Image Resolution

Some of the online images look a little blurry or low resolution when zoomed in real close, will my final signs look that way? 

No, your signs will look very sharp! File size of online images has been reduced to speed up download times. Final printed signs look very sharp with 200 dpi resolution or better. We also send our clients high quality digital PDF proofs so you will be able so see and verify the image quality of your signs before we have them printed.


My pdf catalog prints poorly, I can't see the type on the printed pages. How can I have a nice printed catalog to show friends and make notes on?

The reason our pdf catalog thumbnail images may print poorly is because each sign is really a very large 36" wide layout being displayed at 1" with live vector type. This is great for on screen viewing and zooming way in to look at small type, or marking up the pdf with notes about what signs you want and what changes you would like to make. The printer has trouble scaling the type down from such a large size when it has print it so small the type almost disappears. 

We have created a JPG Catalog for print if you want something that will look better as printed thumbnails.


Do I need to have my own photography for customizing your signs?

No. We have high-resolution photography that can be used for most of our panels, and can furnish you with whatever images are needed. If you wish to customize your sign by adding a site specific photograph, personal dedication or photos of conservation efforts at your site, we will adjust your imagery to reproduce at its best color and resolution on the finished sign panel. If you are ordering a historic site interpretive panel, you will need to provide us with draft content and imagery, which our professional staff will edit and adjust to make a custom layout to fit your needs.

How soon can I get signs after I've made my selections?

Once you've decided on which signs you would like to order, give us a call or send us an email or your marked up PDF Catalog. We will call to review your order, confirm the details of your signs and bases, and give you a quote for the total cost associated with producing your job. Upon acceptance of the quote and a signed contract, we will begin working on your project. We require a deposit payment upfront, and progress payments due once we submit proofs for approval and upon delivery of the finished signs. Signs typically take 4-6 weeks for fabrication and delivery after you have approved the final layout proof. Most sign orders typically take a minimum or 8 weeks from start to finish, but larger orders may require additional time. If you need it sooner, rush fees may apply, but we can expedite your order to meet your needs.


Do my signs come assembled?

The sign panels and sign bases are shipped separately, but have aligned holes in the panels and bases for easy assembly. Hardware for attaching the sign panels to the sign bases is also included. Most clients assemble the signs themselves with our set of easy to follow instructions. We recommend assembling all signs before installing them outdoors.


Will you install my signs?

We have found that most clients prefer to use local staffing (maintenance staff, landscapers, or local contractors) to install their signs at a reasonable price. We will be glad to help you locate a contractor in your area if needed.



How much should I budget for these signs?

There are multiple factors that affect pricing…panel size, customizations, sign base options, number of panels in your order, crating and shipping. We understand that most clients that order our signs are non-profit organizations, working with limited budgets. We strive to provide you with cost effective solutions that maximize your budget, and can assist you with recommendations that help you meet your interpretive goals without exceeding your budget. We will gladly work through options to fit your needs and your financial resources.


How do I pay?

Once we have a signed contract for your project, we will submit an invoice for your sign order deposit payment. Most clients issue a check for payment, but we can also provide you with direct deposit information if needed. At this time, we do not accept credit cards.

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