Who We Are...


The Heart of Pulse Design

Mike Hartzheim and Mary Chiz formed Pulse Design, Inc., a woman-owned business, in the fall of 1996, out of a desire to provide exceptional design solutions that combine print, exhibits and digital media. With their combined years of experience in graphic design and communications, the two founders form the center of a diverse team that is capable of handling a broad spectrum of client needs. Both of the partners have worked with a wide range of clients from local entrepreneurs to large corporations and non-profit institutions. 

Mike Hartzheim

Mike Hartzheim is the President of Pulse Design, Inc. and the Interactive Media Creative Director. Mike received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and has extensive experience working with large and small scale clients through various design firms in Wisconsin and Chicago. Mike has a diverse background in designing print communications as well as digital media. He also produces a diverse spectrum of illustration styles and personally oversees all mapping and diagrammatic graphic projects for the business. Mike is the quality control supervisor on all jobs. He's also an avid runner and explorer of nature.  

Mary Chiz

Mary is the Vice President of Pulse Design, Inc. and the Print and Exhibit Media Creative Director. Mary received her BFA from Northern Illinois University and has extensive experience in dealing with both corporate clients and a wide range of clients in the non-profit sector. She has worked extensively as a team manager and project coordinator on large scale, permanent exhibits in addition to designing print communications and all forms of public relations/promotion materials. Her ability to provide design input as well as project management, scheduling and budget management, helps our clients to stay on schedule, on budget and on track for projects ranging from large exhibits, to indoor/outdoor building signage and print collateral. Mary has passionately combined her love of education with her approach to exhibits and graphic design. She enjoys bike riding, camping, kayaking and sharing the outdoor classroom with her family.


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