2016 Trail Sign Catalog Download Help:


* We are in the process of creating the New 2017 Trail Sign Catalog.
Many new signs have been created and added to each subject section and are only visible on our website right now, sorry for this delay.

How to use our Interactive 2016 PDF Trail Sign Catalog for detailed screen viewing, making selections and customizing your signs.

First, download our Interactive 2016 PDF Trail Sign Catalog from Dropbox, our download service. File size is about 25mb, and will only take a minute or two on most computers. Dropbox will ask if you want to create an account, or sign in, you do not have to either, click to the bottom line that says "No thanks, continue to download". This is a no obligation, free download service, no email is necessary.


Open the file with Adobe Acrobat to get started. Acrobat Reader is included on most browsers and is also free to download and use. You can use the Acrobat magnifier tool to zoom in and see all type on all layouts in great detail. Type quality will be very sharp and easy read, image quality has been reduced in this catalog to save on file size but you can still see what everything is.

* If you want to print this, download Catalog for Print below for best printed results.

If you have looked through the Pulse Design Nature Series signs using our website, and you've decided to get your project started, we're here to help. You can use the website and the PDF Catalog together to browse and select you signs, start making your selections, and specify edits for your interpretive trail project. 

Each sign has a specific Order # that you will need to give us so we know the exact sign you want. You can copy and paste that number into and email or circle the sign and Order # in the PDF catalog. Once you find a sign layout that you like—whether it is ready-to-order or a panel that you need customized—simply use the Acrobat PDF commenting tools to indicate your favorites or write notes to others involved in the selection process. You can use a pen tool to circle layouts that you’d like us to use as templates for new sign content, and even specific text that you’d like combined into a sign format that fits your needs. After marking up your pdf Catalog, save it as a new version with your name after the file so we know it is your order.

When you’re ready to get your order started, simply call our professional staff at 708-385-1308 and we’ll walk through all the important details. 

Once you have made your sign selections and have finalized your order. We will begin working on your selected set of signs. We will create a new set of PDF files with only your selections included. You will see and approve each of your signs as a high quality PDF before it is produced, so you will see all images very sharp and clear at high resolution. 

If you’re not sure how to make it all come together, don’t worry. Simply give us a call, and we’ll assist you by making recommendations and assembling all the right elements to fit your needs!  

How to make a Print version of our 2016 Trail Sign Catalog.

We have created a special version of our 2016 Trail Sign Catalog just for Print. Our Interactive Catalog works great on screens but has difficulty making a nice print (read why below if interested). This JPG Catalog for Print, will print very nice thumbnail size images of our signs but has no computer mark-up functionality. You can print out this version and make notes on your own printed pages, as you look at sign layouts in greater detail on screen using this website or our Interactive PDF Catalog.

The reason our our Interactive 2016 PDF Trail Sign Catalog prints thumbnail images poorly is because each sign is really a very large 36" wide layout being scaled down way smaller and displayed at 1" with live vector type. This is great for on screen viewing and zooming way in to look at small type, or marking up the pdf with notes about what signs you want and what changes you would like to make. Printers, however, have trouble translating all this scaling of type down from such a large size source layout files, it becomes so small the type almost disappears on a printed page. Each catalog page needed to be flattened into a JPG then re-assembled into a new PDF to make this special Catalog for Print.

How to select Sign Bases

We can order sign bases and get everything fabricated and shipped to your location, ready for assembly and installation. Getting the signs attached to the sign frame bases is a very straight forward process. We can provide a set of instructions that allow most users to install the signs with the help of a local handyman or contractor, depending on the location and base style you select. Let us put together the details, and make your project a simple success! 


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